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Caesars Entertainment and the most loser gambler in history

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Caesars Entertainment and the most loser gambler in history

The company will have to pay a $ 225,000 fine due to the player who lost 127 million.

What is called a lean consolation. Terrance Watanabe, the fifty-two-year-old wealthy businessman who missed $ 127 million in 2007 (probably the worst losing streak in Las Vegas history), is the cause of a 225,000-euro fine from Caesars Entertainment Corp., inflicted on company by the organs New Jersey courtesy of gambling.

Watanabe, six years ago, literally sprung up between the Caesars Palace and the Rio Casino, with disastrous results that would be euphemism. Those 127 million dollars lost to blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other games, contributed to something like 5.6% of Las Vegas’s Harrah’s Entertainment cashes for the year 2007.

However, after the casino had attempted to recover a $ 14.7 million loan made at Watanabe, the Nebraska businessman decided to bring the company to court, accusing Harrah’s of having given him alcohol And painkillers while gambling. The civil case settled with an agreement between the parties for $ 100,000 in favor of Watanabe.

But all this has nothing to do with the fine of $ 250,000. Terrance Watanabe is a bad gambler, and as such cuddled by the casinos. Caesars, in order to continue to have it among its customers, granted it a 30% discount on losses, despite accusing the businessman of using cocaine and marijuana, as well as having tried with some of the casinos’ staff.

But for fear of losing a wealthy (and scarce) customer such as Watanabe, Caesars gave him a special treatment, even moving employees who were not in his own liking. This behavior, however, was judged by the New Jersey regulator as an example of misconduct, imposing on the company a fine of $ 225,000.

Who is Caesars Entertainment

Formerly known as Harrah’s Entertainment, with which he was born in the far distance of 1937, the Caesars Entertainment Corporation is one of the major chains of casino hotels in the world. Founded in Reno, but headquartered in Las Vegas, it has some of the world’s most famous gambling halls. A few examples? The legendary Caesars Palace, but also the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino and Flamingo.

The Caesars Entertainment Corporation is also the owner of the World Series of Poker brand, the world poker championships, which take place each year on horseback between May and July, with the November appendix reserved for the final table of the Main Event.



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